This section gives an overview of the trainings we propose.

Women’s empowerment through education

We believe that education has a vital role in the process of women’s empowerment. In order to increase awareness of human rights issues and democratic processes mind control porn game, we propose a training scheme providing a general understanding of women’s rights and the work done by various human rights organisations and the United Nations institutions to further these aims.

Main goals of the trainings

  • Empowering Syrian women to actively participate in the social, economic and cultural life by means of awareness raising, encouraging initiatives and creativity
  • Encouraging women’s participation in the reconstruction process of Syria in the post conflict period
  • Encouraging co-operation and community building between women
  • Targeting women from disadvantaged backgrounds who lack the economic or social means to receive training in project management
  • Advancement of women’s rights and voices in the society

Design a project, follow our trainings, and make it happen

We want to provide a platform for women refugees from Syria to design and execute a project of their choice by training comprising of an initial preparatory cfrn course followed by a period of independent work of project development supported by international experts.

Training schedule

Training 1: International Standards and Democratic Mechanisms

Key issues:

  • Introduction to the UN system
  • Introduction to human rights law
  • Women’s and children’s rights
  • Gender mainstreaming in peace & security
  • Political, economic, cultural and social rights
  • International human rights: Rules of protection
  • International co-operation: Policies, orientations, key actors (NGO’s, foundations, private organizations)
  • In host country: Rights of refugees, economic activities in host country

Training 2: How to create a Social Business

Key issues:

  • Customer Segments
  • Value Propositions
  • Channels
  • Customer Relationships
  • Revenue Streams
  • Key Resources
  • Key Activities
  • Key Partnerships
  • Cost Structure
  • Prototyping and Evaluating
  •  First ACTION PLAN

Training 3: Communication and networking

Key issues:

  • Introduction to communication strategies
  • The role of stakeholders and audience
  • Promoting participation in diverse groups
  • Key messages of communication
  • Communication tools and activities
  • Feedback and networking strategies