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Projects Presented by the Participants



  1. Syrian Women Committee in Reyhanli

  2. Judicial Office for Syrians in Turkey Project

  3. Training Center for young Girls

  4. Sewing Project

  5. Theatre Project for young people

  6. Kinder Garden Project

  7. Syrian Cuisine Project

  8. Center for Special Needs

  9. Recycle Project

  10. Child letter project



Projects Selected by the Selection Committee:

Syrian Women Committee in Reyhanli

– to manage Syrian women affairs by providing information and services

– to identify the needs of the Syrian family and provide the adequate services

– to organize informational and educational activities for the Syrian community

– to establish a social and educational network to support the Syrian woman

developing her skills

– to support common activities between Syrian and Turkish women in all domains

Judicial Office for Syrians in Turkey Project

– to offer legal advice and assistance to Syrian Refugees in Turkey

– to protect and preserve the existence and the identity of the Syrian Refugees in


– to collect the personal data of the Syrian Refugees in Turkey

– to have all personal documents legalized and registered by the High Commission for

Syrian Refugees ( marriage, divorce, birth, and death)

Training Center for young Girls

– To offer to the Syrian young women aged between 14 and 20 years old with the

necessary courses and training that is required by the local market: sewing, knitting,

various handcraft and art craft work, pottery,

– To obtain a certificate that will facilitate employment and improve self esteem

– To develop it into a specialized center for professional and academic courses

Sewing Project

– To create a sewing workshop

– To design clothes that correspond to local taste and needs

– To offer the participants with a role in the society away from isolation

– collaborate with local companies to make their products (shops, school uniforms,

kitchen aprons, etc)

– To provide work opportunities to women and young girls looking for employment

– To generate a descent income for the participants

– to hire the largest number of young girls willing to learn and work, to instruct and train


Studio Zeytuna


– To develop the creativity and imagination of young children

– To provide a significant training ground for students in performing

– To develop skill in oral language and all expressive mechanisms (voice and bodily


– To develop understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio-economic

analysis of character (analytic skills).

– To provide participating children with the platform where they can let go their

imagination and creativity

– To develop the sense of analysis and collective awareness. Theatre can also help

develop the child’s values and perceptions


Syrian Cuisine Project

– To offer to the Syrian Women a common place where they can exchange and help on

the other

– To allow the women to develop and implement their own project and participate in the

economic and social life of the country where they live

– to gain autonomy and self confidence

– to promote women’s empowerment and help reduce their dependency on aid.

– give the beneficiaries a framework allowing them to develop their skills by cooking and


– to maintain their identity through the kitchen




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